Dan Kressin
Email: dkressin@yahoo.com
Address: 100 Massmill Dr. #428, Lowell, MA 01852
Phone: (978) 454-2869


     Strengths:         Systems Administration, Programming, Problem 

     Languages:         Perl, Bash shell, PHP, C, HTML,
                        minor experience with C++ and Java

     Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat, Debian, Slackware), Solaris,
                        Microsoft Windows, minor experience with DEC UNIX

     Software:          Apache, Spatch, Solstice DiskSuite, Veritas Volume 
                        Manager, Legato Networker, Connect:Direct (NDM), SSH, 
                        Postfix, Netscape Messaging Server, Unison, Rsync, 
                        SE Toolkit / Orca, PostgreSQL, NIS, NFS

     Hardware:          Sun Enterprise servers (E450, E3500, E4500, 
                        minor E10k experience), Intel-based desktops and 
                        servers (Compaq, IBM), ATL Tape Libraries, 
                        MTI Gladiator RAID Arrays

Work Experience

     Systems Administrator, June 1999 - October 2004
     Global Crossing (formerly Frontier Communications), Green Bay, WI

       * Responsible for configuration, support and maintenance of approx. 
            50 servers running various versions of Linux, Solaris, and
            DEC UNIX.
       * Provided secondary support for approx. 150 Windows NT/2000 servers.
       * Provided 24x7 on-call support for business critical services running
            on enterprise UNIX and Intel servers.
       * Supported systems ranging from low- to high-end servers, both locally
            and remotely, in a large corporate data center environment.
       * Monitored and performance tuned CPU, disk I/O, memory, and network.
            Tools: SE Toolkit, Orca, vmstat, iostat, mpstat, netstat.
       * Maintained local DNS server running BIND.
       * Wrote and maintained enhancements for in-house break/fix & IP 
            management logging system.  Tools: Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL.
       * Designed, implemented, and maintained an internal web-based paging
            solution.  Tools: Apache, Perl, Spatch.
       * Responsible for nightly backups of approx. 200 servers in a 
            heterogeneous environment, including maintenance of backup
            server and tape library.  Tool: Legato Networker.
       * Designed and implemented a web interface to automate account creation
            for carrier-class FTP customers.  Tools: Apache, PHP, Bash.
       * Designed and implemented a warm-failover customer FTP site for 
            disaster recovery.  Tools: Unison, SSH, Bash.
       * Played active role in the successful migration of billing file 
            transfers from SNA link to IP link.  Involved coordination with 
            people from 12 different telecom companies, installing and testing 
            new circuits, and verifying that no billing files were missed.
       * Automated transfer of incoming billing files for processing by CLEC
            rating processes.  Tools: Perl, Connect:Direct.
       * Performed routine hardware maintenance such as adding memory and 
            replacing failed hard disks and CPU modules.  Responsible for
            contacting vendors for replacement parts.
       * Wrote and maintained web-based and hardcopy documentation.
       * Trained new hires and served as a company-wide knowledge resource for 
            UNIX, Perl, general programming and tech issues.
       * Assisted helpdesk as 3rd-level technical support for customer issues.
       * Played active role in the successful planning and execution of a large 
            data center move from Green Bay to Detroit.  Worked with employees 
            in 3 cities to coordinate backups and server migrations so as to 
            incur minimal downtime.

     Lead Programmer / Analyst, January 1998 - May 1999
     UWO Management Information Office, Oshkosh, WI

       * Supervised programmer/analyst staff (4-6 people).
       * Delegated new programming projects efficiently and fairly.
       * Served as a resource for solving programming and design problems.

     Programmer / Analyst, May 1997 - January 1998
     UWO Management Information Office, Oshkosh, WI

       * Designed, implemented, and maintained a multi-user program for 
            scheduling hundreds of interviews during the annual Oshkosh 
            Placement Exchange (OPE), a one-weekend conference that serves
            as a job fair for Residence Life positions across the US.  The
            program streamlined what had been a slow and paper-intensive 
       * Designed, wrote, and maintained various programs for the Department
            of Residence Life.
       * Worked directly with users to ensure that programs were efficient and
       * Languages: Microsoft FoxPro 2.6, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0.

     University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, May 1999
       B.S., Computer Science
       Minor, Mathematics

     Dean's List: Spring 1996, Fall 1996, Spring 1998
     Honor Roll: Fall 1995, Spring 1997, Fall 1997
     President, UWO Computer Science Club, May 1997 - May 1999
     Organized the first-ever UWO/NEWLUG Linux InstallFest, March 1999
     Organized programming contests for area high school students, 1997, 1998
     Organized trips to annual ACM Student Computing Conference, 1997, 1998